Installation instructions for Medium Round Trampoline

The videos on this page are a guide for an overview reference only. Please note, there are slight differences in the assembly process for each size and shape Springfree Trampoline. Please use these videos for an overview, but refer to your manual for concise, model-specific information and instructions.

Overview and Preparation

Step 1: Laying out the trampoline parts

Layout all parts listed as shown.

Tip - Assemble the trampoline on a flat surface

Confirm all components are present. If you are missing any parts, please call your authorized Springfree™ service center. Contact information can be found here.

Assemble Frame Sections
R79 Components

Step 2: Staging the trampoline frame


Lay out the remaining frame parts as shown. The yellow stickers on the frame sections and leg pieces all face upwards.

If you are missing any parts, please contact Springfree Trampoline here.

Layout Components

Step 3: Fastening the legs to the frame


WARNING - Fasten the legs to the frame with the bolts and nuts provided. Do not over-tighten.

TIP - The frame may appear loose after it is assembled but will become tight and rigid once the mat is installed.

  • Attach a center post to the middle of each leg section.
  • Then, in the order shown in the illustration, from 1 to 4, lift the frame and evenly put the legs into the leg hole on the frame. We recommend that two people work together to complete this step. One person to hold the frame up and horizontal, and the other person to put the legs into the leg hole.
  • Fasten each leg to the frame before going to the next leg.
Fasten the Legs to the Frame

Step 4: Laying out the mat

  • Lay out the mat with the yellow stripes facing upwards inside the trampoline frame.
  • Make sure the blue tags on the mat line up with the blue stickers on the frame.
Laying out the mat

Step 5 - Positioning the net

NOTE - As you install the white mat rods into the mat rod sockets the net will become tight against the frame. Handle the net with care and be sure that it does not get caught or it may tear.

  • Find the hole in the net marked with a blue tag and the mat rod socket on the frame marked with a blue sticker.
  • Holding the net hole with the blue tag, place the rest of the net inside the frame as shown.
  • Orient the net so that the blue tag is facing you and is on the right hand side of the net hole as shown.
  • Put a white mat rod through the net hole and into the mat rod socket marked with the blue sticker.
  • Working around the frame, insert the remaining white mat rods through the net holes and into the corresponding mat rod socket.
  • Be sure that the white mat rods are seated down to the bottom of each mat rod socket.
Installing the rods

Step 6, 7 & 8 - Installing the mat


WARNING - Treat any loaded rod with caution until you are sure it is properly installed or uninstalled. Keep your face well away from any loaded rod.


Installing the mat 1


TIP - Keep the mat level when you attach the white mat rods. If you are having difficulty installing the white mat rods, try having a second person push on the opposite side of the trampoline.


Installing the mat 2




NOTE - Check that the center posts of the leg sections are correctly seated against the trampoline frame. If they are not, adjust them now.

Attach the first four white mat rods to the mat in the order shown. Make sure you correctly match the colored stickers next to the white mat rods with the colored tags on the mat.


Installing the mat 3


WARNING - Treat any loaded rod with caution until you are sure it is properly installed or uninstalled. Keep your face well away from any loaded rod.

NOTE - When you have put the ball end of a white mat rod into a mat rod holder, swivel the mat to ensure the white mat rod is correctly seated.

  • Attach the white mat rods to the right of the four initial starting rods, as shown above with the blue
  • Then, as shown by the above numbers, continue this sequence, one to the right, until all of the white mat rods are attached to the mat.


Installing the mat 3

Step 9 & 10 - Raising the net



WARNING - Do not use the trampoline until it is completely assembled. Failure to follow these instructions may cause rods to break or eject from the trampoline frame.

NOTE - Check that the net is not caught on the trampoline frame or the bolts – if the net catches, it may tear.

  • Move around the frame from right to left and carefully slide the net up to the top of the white mat rods.
  • Then, carefully pull the net up over the edge of the mat.
  • Working around the frame, lift the rest of the net into the center of the mat.


Raising the net




WARNING - Treat any loaded rod with caution until you are sure it is properly installed or uninstalled. Keep your face well away from any loaded rod.

Assemble the black net rods as shown.


Assembling net rods




WARNING - Never attempt to remove a black net rod from its net rod pocket or disengage (unlock) the rod sleeve while the black net rod is under tension.

  • Insert all of the black net rods into the net rod pockets at the top edge of the net. Push the rod up into the pocket and past the catch. You will feel some resistance as the ball is pushed through.
  • Insert the bottom end of the black net rod into the net rod socket on the trampoline frame. You will hear a click when the black net rod is fully seated.


Placing the net rods

Step 11 - Increasing trampoline stability (optional)

WARNING - If you anticipate severe weather, the trampoline should be moved to a sheltered location or disassembled.

  • For increased stability, your trampoline comes with four sandbags.
  • Fill these sandbags to approximately 6 inches (150 mm) below the top with wet or dry sand.
  • Fold over the top of the bag twice so the Velcro strips meet.
  • Place the sandbags over the trampoline legs as required so that the sandbag cannot slip off. We recommend that the stitched seam in the center should lay over the leg tube.
  • If your trampoline is installed in an area susceptible to high winds or if you are looking for increased stability for your trampoline, we recommend the Springfree Ground Anchor, which has been designed specifically for the Springfree™ Trampoline. Ground Anchors can be purchased online here.


Trampoline Stability

Step 12 - Congratulations!

Congratulations! You have successfully installed your Springfree Trampoline! Happy jumping!.