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  • "The world's safest trampoline, Springfree Trampoline, has been awarded a second consecutive ProductReview Award 2022-2023, as decided based on its exceptional customer feedback from top independent review platform"

  • "How I Built Resilience with founder Steve Holmes."

  • "We put trampolines through expert testing to find the models that are safe, durable and easy to use. Of the 10 models tested, only one received a 100% Performance Rating."

  • "What sets it apart is that it addresses a key problem in this space — keeping kids safe from injury."

  • The world's safest backyard trampoline

  • The world's greatest in safer, longer lasting trampolines

  • "When your kid jumps on one of these, you know they're playing safe."

  • It's about honesty and transparency with your people and your customers.

  • "Springfree Trampoline, the best trampoline for safety, fun and fitness for the entire family."


"We were over injuries and over spending time and money on trampolines that aren't lasting. I chose Springfree after googling "the safest trampoline". I now have peace of mind that the trampolines really really safe and I don't need to sit there and watch them 24/7. "

"You can't really put a price on your kids safety. It's an investment. I'm all about getting the most value but this is one of those things that I needed to invest in because it's lasted. It's 5 years old and still going strong so we've certainly got what we paid for.... and some. "

"We originally bought a budget trampoline from a big box store, but in 6 months it was completely broken and was useless. It's a false economy to buy a $500 trampoline every year - the baby is only two so we could be buying trampolines for the next decade when instead we could buy a really good trampoline and have it for the entire time. "

"The first thing he does when he gets home is run straight to the trampoline. It's even more than we hoped for and I mean that genuinely. "

10 Year Warranty On All Parts

The only trampoline that guarantees a decade of safe jumping.  Find out more.

Awarded for What Matters. Innovation. Safety. Quality.

Awarded for What Matters. Innovation. Safety. Quality.

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