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View our complete range of trampoline accessories online. With Springfree Trampolines, you can buy trampoline accessories to suit all trampoline models and to either enhance the fun of your Springfree or to assist with the care of your Springfree. Browse our wide range and buy trampoline accessories today and enjoy FREE delivery across New Zealand.

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When it comes to added fun on the trampoline, trampoline accessories like the FlexrHoop and Ball is a great addition to your Springfree Trampoline.
A FlexrStep is great to ensure your kids have easy access in and out of the trampoline while a Sunshade is perfect for protecting your little ones on those hot sunny days.
If you live in a windy area or would like the added security that your Springfree won’t get swept up in high winds, the ground anchors are a great option.
Similarly, if you live in a cold area that experiences snow and you want to pack your trampoline down for the winter months, then you might like to get the trampoline cover to protect the mat from those icy cold snow dumps.
The Shifting Wheels are perfect if you need to be able to move the Springfree Trampoline around frequently for yard work.

We do highly recommend a Sunshade in New Zealand due to the harsh UV we experience, particularly through the summer months. The Sunshade filters 99% of UVA and UVB rays to protect your kids while they jump (and also further protects your Springfree Trampoline). It is ideal for younger jumpers and can’t be used in conjunction with the hoop.
Please note: Sunshades only come in a round shape, so whilst the Sunshade can be used on an oval trampoline it will not provide complete cover.

If you live in a particularly windy area or an area prone to the occasional high winds, the Springfree Ground Anchor is a good option for you. The Springfree Trampoline Ground Anchor is tested to withstand pull-out forces of approximately 900 Newtons or 200 pounds/force. There are many factors that influence the dynamic forces that are being put on the anchors and trampoline, such as: is this out in the open or sheltered, on a hilltop or in a hollow, how soft/hard is the ground that it is anchored in etc, so we are unable to provide an exact wind speed. We do recommend that if you are expecting storms to ensure take the following measures: drop the enclosure net, move the trampoline to a sheltered spot and anchor it. If the weather is inclement (i.e. tornado or cyclone), we suggest disassembling the trampoline and storing it in a safe place.

Purchase your springfree trampolines accessories online and have them delivered for FREE across New Zealand. Our range of trampoline accessories for sale include a hoop and ball for added fun. A sunshade to protect your little ones while they jump all day long. A step / ladder to assist the kids with getting in and out of the trampoline. Shifting wheels that make it easy to move the trampoline around when yard work needs to be done. Ground anchors to secure the trampoline, particularly useful in areas of high winds. A cover for the winter months or when you want to pack the trampoline down for a period. A storage bag to hold all your accessories in one handy place. View all accessories available to buy online today. View all accessories available to buy online today.

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