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New Zealand's Best Trampoline Warranty


Our 10 Year warranty on the entire trampoline is standard on every new Springfree Trampoline

Not all Warranties are Equal

The Springfree Trampoline warranty covers every component for a full 10 years. We checked whether other trampolines had a full 10 Year coverage and found many components have reduced warranty periods.

Service and Quality you can Trust

Buying a Springfree Trampoline is a family investment. Our commitment to manufacturing the highest quality product means peace of mind for you. We promise to stand behind our product and if you ever have any concerns, we are just a phone call away.

We warrant our products to be free of defects in material and workmanship under normal domestic use and service conditions which do not include general wear and tear, burns, cuts or snags. Click here for details.

Please note that our warranty changed to 10 year coverage in September 2017. If you are uncertain which warranty your trampoline is covered by, please contact our Customer Care team at 0800 JUMPSAFE (0800 586 772). If you purchased your Springfree prior to September 1, 2017 click here for warranty details

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All Springfree Trampoline Accessories are covered by a one year warranty, with the exception of the Springfree FlexrBall which has a 3 month warranty

Need Help?

If you believe you have a manufacturing fault or a product defect with your Springfree Trampoline and need to make a warranty claim, please complete the warranty claim form.

If you have any question about making a claim, please contact our Customer Care team at 0800 JUMP SAFE (0800 586 772).