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Find the Perfect Fit with Augmented Reality

Whether space is tight, or you've got space to spare, you'll want to choose the best possible fit for your yard and family. Our unique Augmented Reality Tool makes the process simple.

Use AR in 3 Easy Steps

Click the iPhone or Android icon to trigger the AR mode for that trampoline. It will open your camera. Follow the instructions on the screen.

  • Initially to find the relative space, you will need to move your phone up and down then side to side. This allows your phone to pick up a flat surface on which to place the 3D trampoline and for the AR tool to understand the space in your yard.
Choose a 3D trampoline model

Once the 3D trampoline is detected, you can move around your space with the following gestures:

  • Zoom in & out – Pinch your thumb and index finger on the screen to make the 3D trampoline bigger or smaller.
  • Relocate - Place one finger on the 3D trampoline, hold and drag to move to new location.
  • Rotate - Place two fingers parallel and rotate both fingers clockwise or counter clockwise.
position the 3D trampoline in your backyard

Once you are happy with the placement of the 3D trampoline in your yard:

  • Touch the screen with one finger to reveal the camera shutter.
  • You can now take a picture to share and assist with your decision-making process.
Take a picture of the trampoline

Now you can get started!

On your smartphone? View our range of trampolines to select the model...

On desktop? Scan the QR code with a smartphone...

Need a bit more help?

Give us a call at 0800 586 772.

What does augmented reality mean?

Augmented reality (AR) is the technology designed to overlay 3D models onto and into the physical world.

What is the difference between augmented reality and virtual reality?

Augmented reality alters one's ongoing perception of a real-world environment, whereas virtual reality completely replaces the user's real-world environment with a simulated one.

Does my device support AR?

Find out if your iOS or iPadOS supports AR here.
Find out if your Android supports AR here.

When moving the phone up and down and side to side, the tool is not reading the yard. Why isn’t the 3D trampoline visible?

  1. Make sure the phone is being held horizontally.
  2. When moving the phone up and down and side to side, the phone must be held straight. Do not angle the phone during the movement of detecting the yard.

Why Zoom to 100%?

Zoom to 100% for the actual size of the trampoline. This will be a most accurate representation of how the trampoline will fit in the yard.

I can’t seem to Zoom to 100%, why?

Take a few steps back, relaunch the tool and follow the 3 steps. This allows the phone to pick up the flat surface on which to place the 3D trampoline and for the AR tool to understand the space of the yard.