Win! A Single Swing Set with Tent Swing

Win! A Single Swing Set with Tent Swing

How do I set up my Viva Active swing?

Remove the parts from the packaging and check that they are complete. Check that each rope harness is correctly assembled as shown in Diagram 1, Assembly instructions on the manual.

Place the swing platform on the ground. Insert the foam-covered tube frame pieces into each of the four side loops.

Connect the four tube frame pieces. Ensure that one narrow end and one wide end are put together in each case. Align the holes in both pieces, insert the bolt with a washer through the aligned holes and place another washer and a nut on the opposite end. Tighten using the wrench provided. While the nut has a nylon sleeve designed to keep the bolt from loosening, we recommend checking the nut for looseness before each use.

How do I attach my swing to a tree?
This swing is designed to be hung from an existing swing set. However, we recognize that many people may choose to attach their swing to a tree. If you do so please note that this swing set does not include mounting hardware for this purpose. A web harness and carabineers need to be purchased separately to create attachment.

How much weight will my swing hold?
Our Viva Active swing has a total weight capacity of up to 114 kg

My swing is missing parts. (Hardware, mounting bar, mat, etc.) What should I do?
We do not offer replacement parts or components for the swing. If you are unsatisfied or think it is unsafe, please contact our Customer Care Team at 1 877 586 7723.

Viva Active Swing Manual