Install Guides & Manuals

Install Guides & Manuals

We are pleased to offer a number of tools to help with successful self-installation.

  • Youtube installation videos
  • Printable installation manuals
  • We are currently introducing 3D interactive installation resource BILT across 2020

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Alternatively, please follow the steps below to access the installation videos and instructions for your Springfree Trampoline model.

Even though the general installation process is the same for all Springfree models, we’ve recently updated our manuals to provide model specific instructions to save you time. The video guides provide an overview for all models and may not feature a demonstration for your specific model. However the downloadable manuals can be referred to for model-specific information.

Installation Top Tips : Before clicking on your model below, check out a few tips we have put together.

Is your Springfree five years or older? If so, please click here for install manuals and videos for your model.

Accessory Installation Resources:


Accessory Manuals:

Trampoline Disassembly: