What to Consider When Investing in a Trampoline

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What to Consider When Investing in a Trampoline

As consumers we’re presented with choices every day on how and where to spend our hard-earned money. With so many messages thrown our way on the daily in every space we exist, it can be hard to know what information we can trust.

With a bit of research, you will be able to determine which brands can back their claims vs those with empty promises. When it’s a larger investment, research is absolutely integral to the process.

Here are our recommendations on things to look out for when purchasing a trampoline for your family.

A Brand’s Quality Commitment

This can be a tough one to determine if the brand isn’t upfront with their quality processes, product material sources, testing regimes and maintenance requirements.

At Springfree, our quality control processes are some of the most important things.

“You really have to build a culture that says quality is more important than getting finished product out the door fast." – Dr Keith Alexander.

We source the best quality materials around the world, to ensure we are getting it the best in the world. We then do our own product testing (on top of their testing) to test for performance and safety, according to our standards (our quality control is a very involved process).

Every Springfree is built to last, built to be low maintenance, built to withstand hard weather, built to create memories for a lifetime!

Quality Commitment

Backed by a Solid Warranty

When reviewing brands, check their commitment to cover their products under warranty.

Messages can become mixed with how brands present the warranties for their products. A lot of trampoline brands will warranty different parts of the trampoline for different time frames. So, whilst they might say that you will get a 10-year warranty on ‘the trampoline’, on closer inspection, they might be referring to the frame, only. It pays to get clear on exactly what is covered so you’re not needing to replace a net in two years only to find it’s covered for one year.

Springfree Trampolines are the only brand on the market that provides a warranty on EVERY component of the ENTIRE trampoline for a full 10 years, for no extra cost.

What does the Watchdog Say?

When you’re still not sure that the brand can back its claims, looking to consumer watchdog organisations such as Consumer NZ to do your research will provide unbiased views and recommendations on leading products in the market.

The Only Trampoline Recommended by Consumer New Zealand!

Here’s where consumer watchdog Consumer New Zealand comes in. They’ve just announced the results of their   latest testing on trampolines  – revealing how 7 prominent trampoline brands stand up when tested against the Australian safety standard. tested one size from 7 popular trampoline brands against the Australian Safety Standard (AS 4989:2015), including Springfree Trampoline’s R79 Medium Round .

Of all the trampolines tested, the Springfree Trampoline model tested, the R79 Medium Round, was the only trampoline brand to pass all the  safety tests, receiving an impressive Consumer New Zealand score of 93%.

CHOICE Testing

From the People that Matter Most

Friends and family are great at providing recommendations of products and companies that they love or hate! And as a trusted community, we tend to listen to their feedback. In the event that your family and friends can’t provide any input, you can turn to other families with first-hand experience as to whether it has all been worth it and performs the way they expected.

Jumping onto sites like ProductReview.com.au or even Facebook or Google reviews is a great way to find out from other parents how it’s impacted their lives and whether it’s met their expectations.

Whilst each family is unique and their experience is theirs alone, reviews will help provide insights into what families love the most or what are their frustrations. Through reading both the positive and negative reviews of any company, you’ll get a sense of the product and customer experience.

Springfree Reviews

When making an investment for your family, no matter how big or small, you want to know that it’s with a brand you can trust and a product that will last. Undertaking comprehensive research through these channels is a great way to invest with confidence and enjoy a lifetime of memories with your family.

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