Three School Holiday Activities You Can Do On Your Trampoline

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Three School Holiday Activities You Can Do On Your Trampoline

It’s school holidays and the kids are looking for something new to do… turn to the trampoline! This backyard staple can be used for more than just jumping – it can host a whole array of fun activities that will keep little minds entertained for hours.

Here are three of our favourite school holiday activities to try with the kids on the trampoline.

Movie night

It’s time to transform your trampoline into your very own backyard cinema! You can do most of the preparation before the sun sets, but for maximum visibility, it’s best to watch the movie in the dark.

In order to create your backyard cinema on your trampoline, hang battery-operated fairy lights around the netting of the trampoline. Set up a projector on one end of the trampoline – if your projected requires a mains power source, you will need to run an extension cord from the closest power point to the trampoline.

Place a sheet over the other end of the trampoline to act as your screen. It’s best if this is a light colour, as this will make viewing the video easier.

That’s the movie set up done – now it’s time to set up your viewing area! Grab a selection of pillows and blankets and place them on the mat, arranging them so you can snuggle and lie back comfortably.

Finally, the hardest part of all: choosing your film! Settle in and relax for a movie night under the stars.


Take a yoga flow to the next level with a class on the trampoline! The unevenness of the mat will challenge your balance and co-ordination, making even simple moves like downward dog more difficult.

To try a yoga class on the trampoline, clear the mat of any debris or items that might get in the way. Once it’s clean, change into your favourite yoga gear. If you have a yoga mat handy, you may want to lay this down on the mat, but you could also complete the sequences directly on the trampoline mat.

Once everyone is in position, start your flow! You’ll feel your muscles engage from the very beginning, so do as all yogis do and breathe through it.

Chalk Art

If the kids love to draw and doodle, why not make the trampoline their next canvas? Chalk will stay on the mat long enough for them to create their next masterpiece, but is easily removed with a wet cloth.

Simply choose your colours and let them loose! Once finished, you can wipe everything off with a cloth to start again.

With so much potential, a trampoline is an incredibly versatile addition to any backyard. It can act as the host for fun activities like movie nights, or add an interesting element to any workout, making for exciting school holiday days! Explore our range of trampolines today.  

See them all in action here:

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