Win! A Single Swing Set with Tent Swing

Win! A Single Swing Set with Tent Swing

Confessions of a Springfree Employee, Who Used to Own a Spring-Based Trampoline

As a mum of two and a Springfree Trampoline employee, I confess: I once owned a spring-based trampoline. Discover my insights and trampoline confessions!

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Confessions of a Springfree Employee, Who Used to Own a Spring-Based Trampoline

I am a Mum of two boys and I have worked for Springfree Trampoline for just over a year, but I have a confession to make: When I started working here I owned a spring-based Trampoline!

Over the past year I've gained a lot of insight into the safety and quality of various trampoline brands. Reflecting on my own purchase, I have a few confessions to make......

Confession 1: I thought just having pads and a net made a trampoline safe

Compared to the trampoline I had as a child, modern trampolines appeared safe in comparison. I didn’t realise that although pads and nets make trampolines appear safer, the number or injuries per year is still high! Pads on many trampoline brands are only 2cm thick! And as for nets... well let's just say I've turned into a slightly crazy person who notices broken trampoline nets everywhere I go! 

Confession 2: I bought for toddlers not big kids.

Although we chose a large sized trampoline for them to grow into, with kids aged only 3 and 1 at the time I couldn’t imagine how strong and robust a trampoline would need to be to match the boisterous ways of primary school aged boys!

Confession 3: Pads around the outside of the net are a danger trap that kids can’t resist!

It’s not one of our standard unique selling points at Springfree, but for me as a Mum having a trampoline with no outside is the best feature of all! I cringe thinking about all the times my kids made me anxious by crawling, running, or walking around the outside of the net on the pads. I can still recall the time I sprinted across the lawn to prevent a friend's toddler from getting hurt, and it pains me to admit that my own kids had a few falls while doing so.

Child on edge of Spring-based trampoline

Confession 4: I didn’t know that the likelihood of a severe head injury is higher on a traditional trampoline than a car crash!
I’ve generally been a safety conscious parent, but this statistic truly shocked me! Learn More. 

Confession 5: I wrote Springfree off as being too expensive.

Though I can still understand why people buy cheaper trampolines, I now realise that cheaper to buy doesn’t necessarily mean cheaper to own. After 2-3 years our spring-based trampoline needed replacing as the the springs were rusty, the pads were worn out, the net was flimsy and the zip was broken. At Springfree we have customers say their Springfree lasts for 10, 15 or even 20 years!

Broken pads on a spring-based trampoline   Exposed springs on spring-based trampoline


Confession 6: My trampoline purchase didn't align with my previous careful selection of safe baby and toddler products.

In New Zealand, car seats, prams, and cots must meet safety standards to be sold. Unfortunately, this is not the case for trampolines, for which safety standards are only optional. You can read more about safety standards here.

Confession 7: I fell for the Illusion of Safety.

I’ll admit that I fell for the illusion of safety marketed by spring-based trampoline brands. But it’s not all bad, my experience inspired our new campaign The Illusion of Safety vs True Safety. On launching this campaign I only hope that parents look a little deeper beyond this illusion of safety when choosing a trampoline.

So do I own a Springfree Trampoline now?

I sure do! The kids love it and I have peace of mind knowing they are safe. They don’t even miss their dangerous past time of running around the pads outside of the net, because they can bounce right to the edge of the mat, they can bounce and slide down the Flexinet, and they’ve got a FlexrHoop for added entertainment.

And my final confession? I gave in and let them have the rainbow coloured sleeves they requested!

Large Square Springfree Trampoline with coloured sleeves

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