5 fun things to do with your kids outside

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5 fun things to do with your kids outside

We are so lucky to live in a country where it’s easy to access safe, spacious outdoor areas for our kids to play, connect with nature and get active. With the busy lives we live though, I also know how easy it can be to default to screen time to occupy kids. While there are plenty of engaging and educational options for tablets and TV, nothing beats some outdoor play time!


So what are you waiting for? Here are 5 fun things to do with your kids outside:

1. Mini bootcamp

Set up different activity stations in the backyard and get the kids working through a mini fitness bootcamp. It’s easy enough to set up with things you probably already have at home - for example, a skipping rope, a ball (for ball slams), a hula hoop and cones. One of the amazing Springfree trampolines is perfect to add into the mix too, you can use it as one of the activity stations, you can do so much more than just straight jumping -  jumping jacks, burpees, froggy jumps….you name it, you can make all movements more fun on a trampoline!

2. Get creative with chalk

Get your hands on different colours of sidewalk chalk and map out different stations or games for the kids on the sidewalk or a safe driveway. Lay up some old favourites, like four-square or hopscotch, then let them create their own variations of the game too. A Springfree trampoline also makes for a wonderful big canvas for kids to let their creativity wander with chalk drawings. A quick jump around and they’ll have a clean canvas to work on all over again. Yes, they may come inside covered in colourful chalk dust, but it’s nothing the washing machine can’t fix!


3. Shoot hoops

Set up a hoop in the backyard - and start practicing your shots and side steps! Some friendly defense adds a bit of a challenge to the game, and if you want to perfect your slam dunks, why not give it a go on the trampoline. Springfree have the awesome FlexrHoop that adds a whole lot of extra fun to the trampoline - and no need to worry about a hard landing!


4. Bounce-and-ball games

While you’re there, there are a few more games you can throw into the mix on the trampoline. Pass the ball around to play ‘piggy in the middle’, where the person in the middle has to try and intercept the ball. Crossfire is like a fun version of dodgeball. One person aims a soft ball at the other, while the other tries to jump to dodge the hit. Try hot potato with a twist - players must be jumping at all times, while still trying to keep the ball in the air.

5. tgoma games

If you haven’t yet discovered tgoma games, you’re missing out! Springfree have the world’s first and only Smart Trampoline - there are four sensors on the mat that connect via Bluetooth to a tablet. The sensors track movement in a collection of high-energy games that you manage from your tablet. They are super fun and addictive (not just for the kids I might add!), and such a good way to engage in some fun play with your kids while also getting a decent workout yourself!


Encouraging your kids to get outside is not just about beating boredom, it’s also a great way to help them get fit and active, get fresh air, spend time in natural daylight, strengthen their immune system and get those mood-boosting endorphins pumping. All this will result in better concentration, better sleep and an all-round happier household! Conveniently, if you get out there too, you’ll also reap all these great benefits!


- Claire Turnbull

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