Win! A Single Swing Set with Tent Swing

Win! A Single Swing Set with Tent Swing

20 Fun Ideas To Do When Kids Say “I’m Bored”

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20 Fun Ideas To Do When Kids Say “I’m Bored”

There’s nothing more frustrating than hearing your kids say “I’m bored.” But boredom can be an opportunity to get some quality family time.

Get freedom from boredom with these fun ideas!

  1. Slip n’ Slide – Let’s start with a classic and a great way to cool off in the hot summer sun. Don’t have one already? No problem! Follow this guide to make your own.
  2. Build a Mini-Golf Course – It’s easier than you think and all you need are some simple household items like cups, toys and cereal boxes. Learn how to build your own from My Kids’ Adventures.
  3. Make Your Own Soap Bubbles – Grab the dish soap and some water and make your own bubbles with this easy recipe.
  4. Nature Scavenger Hunt – This is a great way to get kids exploring their backyard and engaging with nature. Five Little Chefs has a great printable scavenger hunt list to get you started.
  5. Hunt for Buried Treasure – ‘X’ marks the spot! Bury a prize (candy or toy), create a map of your backyard and watch the fun.
  1. Trampoline Fun – A backyard is more fun with a Springfree trampoline. You can jump, draw chalk art and more. 

two kids drawing on a trampoline

  1. Silly Photo Shoot – Grab the camera or your phone and have a silly photo shoot. Who in your family can make the funniest face?
  1. Bake Cookies – This is a lot of fun for kids. If you don’t want to make cookies from scratch you can always grab cookie dough from the store.
  1. Twister on the Lawn – Grab your game of twister game and take it outside. Or if you’re feeling adventurous build your own with spray paint on the lawn.

two person playing twister on the lawn in the backyard

  1. Beanbag Toss – It’s easy to make your own beanbag toss game. Just grab some bowls, make score signs and set it up on the grass. Check out these cute monster ones made out of cardboard from Crafty Carnival!
  1. Ring-Toss – Have a quick and easy game of ring-toss. Use old soda or water bottles, give them a coat of paint, and great ready for fun! Follow this guide from Woman’s Day.
  1. Build A Fort – Grab the pillows and blankets and get ready to build!

mother and kids eating popcorn in a trampoline

  1. Lawn Bowling - There’s bowling, garden gnomes and recycling in this fun activity from Makezine. It even comes with a printable template so you can make the gnomes too! Get the instructions here.
  1. Obstacle Course – Want a bigger challenge? Get some exercise with a backyard obstacle course! Follow this guide to make your own.
  1. Have a Carnival – Set up the beanbag toss, ring-toss and invite the neighbourhood to a backyard carnival. Check out these 16 DIY carnival games!

photo booth setup in a backyard trampoline

  1. Backyard Picnic – Spread out a blanket, make sandwiches and have some family time with a backyard picnic. Add in some of the games for more fun!

a family eating in a blanket

  1. Backyard Camping – Camping is a chance to get outside, take in the fresh air and have fun.
  1. Host A Lemonade Stand – A childhood classic! Don’t have lemonade? Bake some cookies and have a cookie stand instead!

a woman with two kids in a lemonade stand

  1. Head To The Park – Your local parks are always a great place for outdoor fun. Bring a ball and play catch, play on the swing set or playground, or play tag!
  1. Giant kerplunk game – Get ready for a game of suspense and strategy! Learn how to make a giant game of kerplunk easily from tomato cages.

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