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Win! A Single Swing Set with Tent Swing

10 reasons a Springfree trampoline makes a great Christmas gift

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10 reasons a Springfree trampoline makes a great Christmas gift

By Registered Nutritionist, Claire Turnbull

Christmas is such a magical time of year - but it can also be stressful for many. Battling the shops, getting organised, and even just deciding what to buy for your loved ones. If you’ve got kids, their wishlists can often be filled with the ‘latest thing’. These fads will come and go, and by Christmas next year, they’ll probably be sitting at the back of wardrobes or in the bottom of storage containers.   On the flipside, there are some gifts that you can trust will stand the test of time. Not only that, they’ll bring joy to the whole household, not just the kids!   A Springfree trampoline is one of those gifts - definitely one that just keeps on giving.   Here are 10 reasons why a Springfree trampoline makes a great Christmas gift:

1. A gift for the whole family

It can be hard to find presents that keep everybody happy, but a trampoline is something that the whole family can enjoy - people of all ages and abilities can have fun on a trampoline!

2. Enjoy it year-round

A trampoline doesn’t have to be a seasonal gift - it can be used year-round, whatever the weather (as long as you’re happy to face the fresh cold air!). Even after snowfall, a Springfree trampoline is a whole other level of fun (think: dodge the snowball, make snow angels, or just jump in the snow!). They’re also designed to withstand the elements, so there’s no need to pack away your Springfree trampoline at any time throughout the year.

3. Healthy AND fun

A trampoline is a load of fun, but it also delivers a whole bunch of awesome health benefits for kids and adults alike, including improved coordination and balance, stronger bones and joints, a strengthened immune system, oxygen circulation, stress release and exercise.

4. Mood-boosting

The increase in oxygen circulation is uplifting and has a positive effect on mood and disposition. A trampoline is a great quick pick-me-up and an opportunity to get some fresh air in your lungs, even when you’re short on time.

5. Additional games keep it interesting

When is a trampoline more than just a trampoline? When it’s a SMART trampoline! That’s right, Springfree has a range of games and apps to add even more fun (and learning) to the experience. Sensors on the mat detect your movement, and send that data via Bluetooth to a tablet attached to the net. The apps are designed to get kids moving - and thinking.

6. Enjoyment for years to come

This is a present that just keeps on giving. Its versatility means that it will continue to provide benefits, even as your family grows up. Springfree trampolines are made with quality materials and engineered to last.

7. Safe outdoor activity

You’ll be giving yourself peace of mind, knowing that your kids can play safely outdoors. Springfree trampolines have been designed with safety in mind to help minimise common injuries and provide your family with an outdoor activity that requires minimal supervision.

8. Benefits for all

A trampoline is not just a present for the younger generation! In fact, it could most definitely be a present to yourself in disguise! A trampoline is an awesome addition to your exercise routine, especially if you find it hard to find the time to get out to the gym or a run - in fact, 10 minutes of jumping has similar health benefits to a 30-minute run.

9. Bring everyone together

Instead of isolating themselves in their room, on a tablet or in front of the TV, a trampoline is a great activity for kids to enjoy with siblings, family members and friends. Set challenges, create games and try out the tgoma games. It’s the perfect opportunity to get the neighbours involved and connect with the community around you.

10. Keep kids entertained and burn off energy

Holidays, rainy days or weekends can often have the kids sending you up the walls. A trampoline is a safe, convenient way to get the kids outside to burn off some energy when you can’t necessarily get out away from the house. It will at least give you a minute to put your feet up while you supervise!


So, are you convinced? Don’t leave it til the last minute to get your trampoline ordered and delivered! Ensure it’s there in time for the big day - Shop Trampolines Now

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