Proven to be the safest trampoline tested


"We are pleased to say that this year the Springfree trampoline has passed our tests with no issues. This is the eighth year running that we're recommending Springfree. Their commitment to safety and customer service is something that is at the core of everything they do, and being Consumer Recommended is an appropriate acknowledgement of this commitment".

Jon Duffy, Consumer NZ CEO

How do we pass every year?

Consumer 5 Major Safety Tests

  • Structural Integrity
  • No Impact Hazards
  • No Pinch Points
  • No Crush Points
  • No possible head entrapment

Trampoline Safety Standards (AS 4989) – What Do They Actually Mean?

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"We could be buying trampolines for the next decade. Instead you could buy 1 good trampoline for that entire time."