Spare Parts

Your Springfree is designed tough, from the triple-coated galvanised steel to the UV protected mat and net rods. But as with any product installed outdoors, natural accidents, pets or even the kids can cause damage.

Trampoline Components:

Note: Model shown above is Generation 4

  • A. FlexiNet™
  • B. SoftEdge™ Mat
  • C. SoftEdge™ Mat Rod Holder
  • D. SoftEdge™ Mat Rod Set (complete with Sleeves)
  • D. SoftEdge™ Mat Rod Sleeve Sets (Sleeves only)
  • E. FlexiNet™ Rod Set (complete with Sleeves)
  • E. FlexiNet™ Rod Sleeve Sets (Sleeves only)
  • F. Bolt Sets
  • G. C-clips (pack of 12)
  • H. tgoma gaming system

  • For spare parts enquiries, please call Customer Care on 0800 586 772 or send us a message.

    Please refer to the pricing chart below:

    ModelSF40 / R54SF60 / 092SF90SF68 / S113O77SF72 / R79SF80 / S155
    Mat Parts
    Excluding Freight
    Mat Rod Holder$5 ea$5 ea$5 ea$5 ea$5 ea$5 ea$5 ea
    Mat Rod$8 ea$8 ea$8 ea$8 ea$8 ea$8 ea$8 ea
    Flexi Net Parts
    Excluding Freight
    Flexi Net$199$275$275$299$250$250$325
    Collapsible Rod$28 ea$28 ea$28 ea$28 ea$28 ea$28 ea$28 ea
    All sleeve sets include freight
    Sleeve Set$40 set$40 set$40 set$40 set$40 set$40 set$40 set
    Black Sleeve Set$99.99 set$99.99 set $99.99 set$99.99 set$99.99 set$99.99 set
    Frame Parts
    Excluding Freight
    Bolt Sets$20 ea$20 ea$20 ea$20 ea$20 ea$9 ea$20 ea
    C-Clip (pkt 12)$5 pkt$5 pkt$5 pkt$5 pkt$5 pkt$5 pkt$5 pkt